Nearly Native Nursery is a specialty nursery that promotes, sells, and propagates southeastern native plants for all types of landscapes. We offer a wide variety of native southeastern plant life not found in your typical garden center. Native plants offer a tough, verastile and beautiful alternative with lower maintenance to the imported , more exotic general nursery stock. Native plants are more suitable to local water, soil and pest conditions. Many of these native plants also serve as food for beautiful songbirds as well as hosts for many species of butterflies and moths. Once established, native plants can tough out drought and water restrictions that many other plants are unable to tolerate. There is always a native alternative to an exotic plant, and many times, the native species will be a much more interesting and spectacular specimen. Specific site requirements, such as low, soggy ground, or steep, dry slopes can become beautiful focal points with the right native plants in place.

Our staff is knowledgeable and eager to discuss native plants with all of our customers. If we cannot think of the right native option or options for you instantly, we will research your situation and get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

 So, if you are near Atlanta, Georgia, stop by the Nearly Native Nursery’s retail location in Fayetteville and check out our dazzling array of gorgeous native plants available for you.

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